PMO2000® is an enterprise level maintenance and failure analysis software system designed for developing maintenance strategies and improving reliability for industrial plants. PMO2000® links equipment structures with maintenance strategies, and creates schedules that are output into user formatted maintenance schedules.

PMO2000® is a rapid implementation system that delivers the same maintenance program as an RCM SAE JA1011 analysis but in one sixth of the time with one sixth of the resource requirements. PMO2000® is now SAP® Certified and can seamlessly integrate with your SAP® application and it has integration interfaces with most other EAM/CMMS systems.

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PMO2000 is six times faster than traditional RCM

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PMO2000® SPAWN Methodology

PMO2000® includes SPAWN, a systematic process of analyzing maintenance requirements for assets, in different working environments, using imaging technology networks.

SPAWN Technology massively reduces the time taken for organizations to deploy and implement RCM based strategies. It is built for companies that have similar assets in a variety of operating conditions.


The PMO2000® Risk and Criticality Assessment Module documents the asset risks at failure mode, component or equipment level.

The software is a fast and effective way to determine and promote risk and reliability concepts throughout an enterprise.

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Strategy Mgmt Tip #1

Organizations should have a formal procedure in place to review asset strategies.

Strategy Mgmt Tip #2

To be in control of reliability we must understand what influences the failure modes.

Strategy Mgmt Tip #3

Criticality assignments to equipment or processes will assist in determining where to start with the PMO program.

Strategy Mgmt Tip #4

Inspections don’t prevent failures; it’s only the corrective action performed after finding an unacceptable condition which do.

Strategy Mgmt Tip #5

Control failure-mode influences = Control the functional failure. Influences may relate to; mgmt, storage, installation, operation, PM...

Strategy Mgmt Tip #6

The frequency of inspection should align with the Failure Mode decay rate and PF theory, not a person’s availability.

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