EDA is a software Program used to measure and report on the gaps between Inherent Capability and Performance while highlighting opportunities for continuous improvement.

EDA supports the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) model and allows for any variation of the measures to be used.

Multiple downtime data sources

User Configuarable

EAM / CMMS Integration

Multi-user Access & Permissions 

Dashboard performace graphics

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The Enterprise Data Analytics (EDA) module is a structured repository for all types of plant performance and cost data that allows you to measure and report on gaps between Inherent Capability and Actual Performance whilst highlighting opportunities for continuous improvement.

While it is an asset management system, it handles data from operations thereby avoiding duplication of data between site systems.

EDA is configurable by the users and suits all asset intensive industries. The EDA module can perform a wide variety of analysis methods including Weibull.

  • Your downtime data is highly visible
  • Accepts any available downtime data to help eliminate defects
  • Seamless data transfer and communication
  • Facilitates development of standard data collection processes
  • Graphical dashboard outputs facilitate quick, effective decision making


Integration with current Systems

EDA is capable of integrating with existing data collection systems (e.g. DCS). The software is able to present, easy to read summaries of the data and when required details of a specific problem for classification and investigation where required.

Highly Customizable

EDA is extremely customizable, is able to suit a variety of industries including: Food and Beverage, Mining and Minerals processing, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas and Manufacturing.

EDA will integrate with any of the of the Asset Performance Management modules which include RIMSys®, PMO2000® and your CMMS to form the building blocks of a Reliability and Integrity Improvement Program.

Example reports

Availability Report

Count of Breakdown – Drilldown

MTBF Report by Product

Sum of Downtime

Count of Breakdown by Equipment (Sub-Components)

Total Downtime Drilldown

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