RIMSys® is a Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System (FRACAS). It allows organizations to make better use of their time, control minor projects effectively and regain production time being lost to equipment and plant failures.

Once implemented as an enterprise-wide solution alongside PMO2000 ®, RIMSys® will quickly break your cycle of repeated failure instances and regain the production you are losing through minor stoppages, sporadic, random or catastrophic failure; Nexus Global created RIMSys® which solves these problems.

Cloud Based

User Configurable

EAM / CMMS Integration

Multi-user Access & Permisions

Driven by Online Email Communication

Customer Support


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Many organizations have a process of determining Root Cause of failure

NEXUS GLOBAL created RIMSys® which solves these problems.

  • Restrict the input to the solution to those that can attend a meeting
  • Have difficulty in tracking progress of the process and subsequently fail to complete the investigation or fail to implement the solution
  • Fail to evaluate whether the fix has worked or not
  • Fail to share the findings or improvements with other business areas, and/or fail to create a library of the analyses for future reference


A simple, step by step networked process, driven by online email communication

RIMSys® allows companies to control investigations effectively and regain production time lost due to poor equipment performance


  • Multi user access and permissions
  • Web based software reduces IT concerns
  • Interfaces with SAP, Maximo, and other EAM or CMMS systems
  • Email based communication encourages action and accountability
  • User defined fields and reports
  • Link documents and pictures
  • RCA functionality with built in Fault Tree analysis
  • Integrates Asset Health issues and condition monitoring systems

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RCA should be seen as a process rather than activity.

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By far, the reason for RCA failure is the failure to implement the corrective action.

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Some investigations need only a five why process whereas others might require a detailed cause map approach.

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