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    • ePOp
      A maintenance management and work preparation software. learn more
    • beam
      Focus on HSE & asset integrity assurance. learn more
    • esr
      Visualize potential risk in an operation as work orders age. learn more

    Global Leader in Asset Performance Management, Business Consulting, & Training

    Recognized globally, across various industries, for delivering sustainable solutions that optimize both the organization’s assets and processes to yield a ROI of 10:1 or greater, Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. has been a worldwide leader in asset performance management and maintenance consulting, coaching and training for 15 years.

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    Consulting Coaching Training Software Manpower EAM

    Companies everywhere turn to Nexus Global because of our extensive history of hands-on maintenance experience and proven track record of working from the boardroom to the shop floor. A wealth of technical knowledge and a highly-trained staff with the ability to relate with real life issues at the point of execution has helped us stand out from our competitors in the field of Asset Performance Management.

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